Two stretches to help you during sciatica pain

Sciatica is a painful condition that can be treated with both medicines and with exercises and herbal remedies. Depending on the criticality of your condition you will have to pick one. So here in this article, there are two stretches which are discussed which will help you to reduce the pain to a considerable amount and stop the pain from restricting your movements.

Reclining pigeon pose: This is a very common stretch that is recommended for people who are suffering from sciatica. It helps in opening the hips and there are several versions of this particular stretching. The very primary one is the reclining pigeon pose. So if your treatment has just started then you should definitely start with this one:

One will have to lay down on their back and then bring their right leg towards the right angle. They will then have to clap their hands behind their thighs for locking the fingers. Now you will have to lift the left leg for placing it on the right ankle and then on the topmost position of the left knee. After holding that particular position for a particular moment they will have to continue it for some more time. This particular stretch will help in stretching the muscles of the tiny piriformis, which suffers some inflammation or pressure during the pain and it is an essential sciatique traitement.

Sitting pigeon pose: You will have to sit on the floor with the legs stretched out in a straight position in the front direction. After bending the right leg you will have to put the right ankle on the top of the left knee. You will have to lean in the forward direction which will allow the upper body to easily reach near the thighs. You will have to hold that position for at least 30 seconds. It will help in stretching the lower back and glutes.

If you have thought of treating the entire condition through home remedies and stretching, then you can definitely try it until and unless you have already reached the critical state. Regular exercising can help you to reduce the pain that is caused by it. These exercises will not only help in treating the inflamed portion of your body but will also help you to treat the root causes that are behind this comment soulager une sciatique nerve pain.